Congress Topics

  • Human Genetics and Medicine

    Congenital malformation and disorders
    Preimplantation genetics diagnosis (PGD)
    Genetics therapeutic
    Genetics eye disorders
    Multifactorial genetic disease
    Genetics hematologic disorders (hemophilia and thalassemia)
    Genetics cardiovascular disease
    Behavioural genetics
    Nonmendelian genetics
    Hereditary metabolic disorders
    Genetics of hearing and deafness
    Cancer genomics and genetics
    Pharmacogenomics and personolized medicine
    Model organisms of genetics
    Genetics consultation

  • Plant Genetics

    Analysis of gene expression
    Advanced techniques in plant genetics
    Genetics interactions of plant and microorganism
    Genetics of biotic and abiotic stress responses in plants
    Polyploidy genetics
    Evolutionary genetics
    Genetics formative
    Population genetics
    Ecological genetics
    Applied plant genetics
    Classic genetics
    Quantitative genetics
    Plant genome structure
    Systems and biological networks
    Genome function
    Genetic engineering
    Molecular biomarkers
    Plant cell culture

  • Genetics of Microorganisms

    Hazard analysis of biological contaminant
    Molecular diagnosis of pathogenic microorganisms
    Pathological variety
    Industrial strain improvement
    Systematic biology
    Parasites genetics
    Bacterial genetics
    Fungal genetics
    Genetics of drug resistance
    Viral genetics
    Molecular phylogenetics
    Metabolic engineering
    Molecular pathology mechanisms
    Cloning and genetic engineering

  • Genetic resources

    Exploitation of genetic resources
    Genetic variation
    Genetic resources recognition
    Conservation Genetics Resources

  • Stem Cells

    Mature stem cells biology
    Embryonic stem cells biology Stem cells markers Clinical applications of stem cells Biotechnological applications of stem cells

  • Bioinformatics

    Bioinformatics and protein design
    Bioinformatics and NGS Bioinformatics for Medical Diagnostics Systems biology Design bioinformatics software Phylogenetic Genetic variation

  • Animal Genetics

    Genetic diseases in domestic animals, fowl and marines
    Transgenic animals
    Marine genetics
    Population genetics
    Wildlife genetics
    Animal breeding and genetics
    Genetics of resistance to disease in animals, fowl and fishes

  • New Technologies and Technological Advances in Genetics

    Non coding RNAs
    Growth, cell cycle and chromosomal crossover
    Genetics formative
    Gene enhancers and silencers genetics
    Telomeres biology and DNA replication
    New technology diagnosis

  • Ethics , Forensic Genetics and Human Identification

    Ethical issues and plans in diagnosis
    Observation, Assessment and Planning
    Biological immunity and National and international provisions
    National plans
    Quality guarantee (security)
    Planning statutory challenges
    National instructions
    International effective provisions in national behavior
    Rules and provisions
    Ethic codes
    Paternity in disasters
    Paternity in natural disasters
    Forensic genetics
    Criminal genetics
    Genetics in identification
    Techniques and innovations in Forensic genetics
    Non-human samples
    Non-human samples mixed with human samples

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